Marketing Analytics System Powered by AI

Roistat collects data from the CRM system, advertising channels,
and your site. In seconds, it can build reports according to 30+ business metrics.

Reduce advertising costs
by an average of 30% without losing leads

Find and disable advertising channels
that do not generate revenue

See all customer interactions with the product
from entry to sale, including offline

Use tools for sales growth
“Lead Hunter”, A/B test, Marketing Automation

Roistat’s main features

Roistat helps at every stage of your sales

A marketing manager
will be able to assess the profitability or loss-making potential of advertising channels quickly

Get quick access to marketing channels efficiency analytics
Stops spending 50% of his time on reports and finally work on a marketing strategy
Automates contextual advertising, so bids will always be up-to-date
Solves the problem of “many clicks, few leads” and will attract targeted traffic to the site

can evaluate the efficiency of the business

Will be able to view detailed information about expenditure
Will be able to start investing only in channels that bring revenue
Will receive daily reports on metrics via text message and email

The Head of Sales Department
will see the entire sales funnel and a customer’s path

Gets additional customers
Will be able to find out more about customers: when they return, why they leave, and what they are interested in

An analyst
gets reports based on real business data, not just web analytics

Can build reports based on real business data, not web analytics
Will generate a report of any complexity based on 30+ indicators

Manage your business by knowing and managing your key performance indicators

Roistat can easily be integrated with the most popular systems

We have a powerful API for other integrations

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We care about the security of your data

Roistat ensures that your data is as secure as possible. Our service is spread across multiple servers around the world to provide greater reliability, and to guarantee data integrity under any circumstances. During the design and development process, we invested a great deal of time and resources into creating a fail-proof and secure system.

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