Сross-cutting business analytics system

Roistat collects data from CRM-system, advertising platforms and
your web site. With this data Roistat organises reports
on key business indexes.

Only 5 minutes to connect
to any of 28 CMS/CRM And we do have API

Outlay loading
automatically or manually
from any advertising platform

Full Support
Manuals and instructions

Export to Excel
and universal reports master

Roistat main features

Roistat helps on every marketing phase

Helps to quickly estimate profitability or unprofitableness of an advertising channel

Never spends time on reports
Can track profitability of a channel by a key word
Can automatize the context advertising process
Can proveide a split testing based on net profit

Can access efficiency of the business and all divisions

Controls every cent expense
Can get daily reports on indexes via SMS and email

Sales Department Manager
easily controls the sales pipeline

Tracks additional customers
Indicates and eliminates the cause of client loss

provides the reports based on real business data, not just web-analytics

Reports of any difficulty in 22 indexes
Delivers cohort reports and segmetnt the customers

Business management is the management of indexes

Roistat is easily integrated with popular systems

For other integrations, we do have API

Integrations with SalesForce
Integrations with Pipedrive
Integrations with SugarCRM
Integrations with Magento
Integrations with Woo
Integrations with AmoCrm
Integrations with Bitrix24
Integrations with RetailCRM
Integrations with Webasyst
Integrations with Своя CRM
Integrations with Интеграция с целями

We do care about your data

Roistat provides the maximum protection of your data. Service is set on multiple servers around the world to provide greater reliability and to guarantee the data integrity under any circumstances. During the process of design and developing we invested a lot of time and resources in the creation of failure-resistant and secure system.

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