Hair Salon

marketing budget


business challenge

Low conversion rates into orders as paid traffic brings a non-target audience

Hair Salon — decreased ad costs by 60% and increased sales by 47%

Main concerns

First Problem

Some keywords are duplicated and increase expenses as they compete against each other.


Build a report by keywords and find all of the intersections. Then remove the duplicate keywords and therefore reduce the Customer Acquisition Cost.

Second Problem

Ad campaigns run in several regions that do not bring orders yet they accrue advertising costs.


Build a report by region and define regions that have advertising expenses, but no sales. For regions without sales, make bids lower & for non-priority regions, turn off the impressions. As a result, no money will be wasted.

Third Problem

A large number of users come for popular keywords, but do not leave their details nor schedule an appointment.


Build a report by keywords. On requests where there are clicks, but no orders, make bids lower. This will allow not spending money on users who do not place orders. We also recommend not using the keywords that do not clearly reflect user intentions.

Just by using Roistat only for 1 month Foxy achieved:

CPL: from $45 to $12

Reduced the cost per lead (CPL) from $45 to $12

CPO: from $10 to $3

Reduced the cost per order (CPO) from $10 to $3

CV1: from 1.5% to 4.7%

Increased the conversion rate from 1.5% to 4.7%

ROI: from 82% to 265%

Increased return on investment (ROI) from 82% to 265%

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