Advertising platform expenditure

Automatic and manual expenditure data upload

How do the ad costs get to Roistat?

Automatic upload from 7 platforms
Connection in 2 minutes

Manual entry of expenditure
in the analytics interface

Upload expenditure
into Roistat via an API

More about uploading expenditure data

Automatic expenditure data upload
Automatic expenditure data upload
The most popular marketing platforms are already integrated into Roistat. Connection takes only a few minutes. Read our connection manual.

Manual input of expenditure data
You can manually enter advertising expenditure for any period of time in the analytics interface.

Expenditure data upload via the Roistat API
Expenditure data upload via the Roistat API
And, of course, you can automate the upload of expenditure data into the database via an API.
API documentation

Frequently asked questions

Can I connect to an advertising platform which has not yet been integrated into Roistat?

An advertising platform can be connected automatically using UTM, Openstat, or roistat (our own tailored) tracking codes. Advertising expenditure on such platforms can be uploaded manually, for example, once a month. These costs will be distributed per click automatically, and you can access expenditure data for any period of time.

Which platforms with automatic cost estimation are you planning to integrate into Roistat in the future?

Connect Facebook is among our plans for the immediate future. You can always suggest the platform you are using, and we can consider the possibility of integrating it.

How accurate is data from advertising platforms?

The data corresponds to the advertising platform’s statistics. Furthermore, the statistics even account for low quality clicks.

Does advertising platform integration require support from IT specialists?

No, it does not. You just have to connect the channel according to the manual, and mark your links with tracking codes.

Suggest a channel for integration

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