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Four scenarios for automated marketing

Lead customers right through to making a purchase

Configure automatic tasks for when a transaction is in the pipeline for more than a week. Ensure that there is no chance that your managers will dismiss an order

Play leapfrog

Set tasks for your managers when a paying customer revisits your website

Don’t be afraid to make special offers

Send emails to your customers to inform them of sales and special offers

Gather feedback

Set up automatic tasks for your managers, so that they obtain feedback from customers within a month

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a tool that allows you to improve your interactions with a customer on the basis of automated events. A market analyst will be able to identify sales triggers, without the help of developers. A director will be able to improve the quality of customer service. A sales department manager can automate the process of task allocation according to clients’ requests.

Is it difficult to configure tailored scenarios?

Every scenario consists of three parts: the Event, the Conditions, and the Action. Roistat monitors the configured event. When the event is triggered, Roistat checks it against the conditions that have been established. If these conditions have been met, then one of the configured actions will be performed, such as:
1. Sending a notification via Slack
2. Sending an email to the customer
3. Setting up tasks for the relevant manager

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