Lead Hunter

Gain 63% more customers

Lead Hunter is an interactive form that is displayed on your website to request contact details
Roistat - Lead Hunter

Automatically adds the lead to the CRM

One-click setup
without the need for an IT specialist

A customizable interface
and text editing

Free callback
will connect you to the client in seconds

More about Lead Hunter

Statistics for gathered leads
You will not only be able to view the contact details of interested clients, but also the pages where they were “caught” and their total profitability

New lead notifications
Get immediate notifications about new clients via text message, email, or directly to your CRM

Flexible configuration
• Flexible appearance settings right in the interface
• Advanced triggers and conditions configurations

Frequently asked questions

Won't Lead Hunter be annoying to website visitors?

When developing Lead Hunter, we’ve been fully aware of how annoying such pop-ups can be. That is why, by default, Lead Hunter never pops up unexpectedly. It is only shown to people who are about to leave the website.

How effective is Lead Hunter?

Most of our customers cover all their costs for Roistat from the profit gained through Lead Hunter. This statistic speaks for itself.

Can I totally change Lead Hunter's appearance?

You can change Lead Hunter's design beyond all recognition. For example, you can format it to appear in your corporate colors. The settings have been made as flexible and convenient as possible, to satisfy your website designer's needs.

Is there a callback function?

Yes, when a customer leaves a phone number, it can be connected to your operator. Meanwhile, the transaction has already been created in the CRM, so that the operator can work with it.

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