Multichannel analytics

Not in theory, but in action

We distribute the profit among all advertising channels,
which took part in its accumulation
Roistat - Multichannel analytics

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Roistat - Multichannel analytics

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use multichannel Analytics?

You will get a report, where all the intersections of the advertising channels on your deals are shown. Thus you can get the right idea of channel use, even when it seems inefficient from the first sight, while in fact introducing your website to the visitors. Multichannel analytics is effective for retargeting analysis, because it often increases sales, but it is not the only channel for client acquisition.

What attribution model is used?

The model is based on position. The first and the last channels get 40% of value, the other 20% are distributed among the other ones.

Can I use my own attribution model?

Granting this possibility is one of our immediate tasks.

Can I check the visit history on every deal in CRM?

Visit history is saved for each deal, and statistics can be accessed in a simple and comprehensive form.

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