from the Roistat Partnership Program

The Program will suit you if you are a:
— Web studio
— Business consultant
— System integrator

Offer your clients a comprehensive business solution

You can offer business automation to your clients. Implement Roistat’s advanced analytics system. The system will give you a complete picture of your clients' business efficiency in real money.

Get a new source of clients

We will display your company logo and information on our partners’ page to show clients whom we value. Our current and potential clients will find out about you.

Receive extra profit from clients

Offer to set up the system for your clients, give them access to additional capabilities and business consultation on your terms. Note that you are the one providing customer support.

Save your programmers’ time

Thanks to our ready-to-use integrations with all popular CMS and CRMs, client setup takes just a couple of minutes. Further upgrades are not required, since the data is automatically updated in case of any changes in the CMS and CRM.

Become a certified partner and receive a partners' reward

How do I become a certified partner?

1 Pass a test
To receive certified partner status you need to go through our certification process. Certification involves undergoing testing regarding the Roistat system. We will provide you with all the necessary study materials to pass the test.

2 Sign a contract
To start working under these special terms you need to sign a partnership contract.

3 Receive partner status and a certificate
We will issue your individual certificate of partnership, which you can download in your profile. We will also place your company information on the main page in the “Partners” section.

Where do I start?

Write to us at

Or post your request right here:

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